It was spring 2009. Beginning of the crisis. Nico and I were looking for a spot to open our little concept store. Very quickly, we were attracted by the neighbourhood of Flagey, and mainly, by the street Lesbroussart. I still remember passing by the street every day when I was a kid on my way to school, and nothing had changed. It was clear that Lesbroussart showed potential, and it wasn’t long before it became a notorious crossing with a huge number of people passing by every day.

RESERVOIRshop was born! Unlike traditional stores, we wanted to cultivate an experience where new original creations, made by different designers and freelance artists, would satisfy the shoppers’ buying needs. The project with a business closer to a concept store, kind of “arti”, inventive and design at first, evolved from the success and enthusiasm characterized in the Scandinavian collections, accessories such as Casio Vintage, sneakers, heels…. A year later, attentive to the needs of a younger clientele, we took the chance to spread our business.

The shop next door that used to be an electrical goods store closed its doors, and “Iscream”, with the partnership of Meta Meta, Francesca and Francois, opened. We settled this new project at n°45. Its leitmotiv: offer limited designs at more affordable prices ... But lets' be honest, it was a flop! It was the end of the « fluokids » era. Late 2011, driven by the sales representatives of our different brands, and the customers’ growing demands, the sneakers madness led us to a logical change.

It was a wrap for “Iscream” and the name “Reservoirshoes” was set at 45 rue Lesbroussart. In June 2014, closer to our customers and their needs, Reservoir Shop tried to managed more flexibly and bring about competitive achievements and results by launching RESERVOIRoff at 311 chaussée d’Ixelles. Three months later, 43A and 45 merged, offering a new space with a larger stock, and answering better to the clients needs. Gosh, I still remember running from one store to the other, supporting the customers across our wide range of products, from sneakers to t-shirts…. If today Reservoir Shop has grown and Reservoir Shoes is a reference, it is with more maturity and with a daily concern to support our customers across their demands that we offer them “la crème du Réservoir”!

La crème is in response to a clientele in change. The answer to the limited offer of Réservoir Shop. La crème is the evolution and the natural demand for more, a new concept in a new space.

The concept: to select our most sophisticated brands, 90% of Scandinavian creations, almost always pro-European productions, limited editions in a more consistent and balanced universe.

La crème, at 41 rue Lesbroussart, provides a space better suited to the universe of certain brands, and some of our selected “crush”.

Beyond any commercial dimension, looking after what really matters, YOU (our customers), the little la crème will go along with you in this new experience every season. We've summed up some of our favourite brands and key figures. Some of them, you may already know and love, while other up-and-comers you should definitely add to your radar. One thing's for sure: They are some of the most talented in their business game.

2000 copies distributed around Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Liege to discover our new collections, our “love at first-sight”, and exclusive interviews or advice ... All is said... The story begins!